Why We Do Payment Corparation

Enabling merchants to provide a wide range of bank card with 240+ payment systems, featuring e-Wallets, prepaid cards, mobile payment systems to customers. Sidestep the integration costs of going global with our unified API that makes account setup consistent worldwide so you can access Primo’s local processing capabilities.

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About Us

We are Pay Primo
Payment Corparation

We produce instant solutions with all current payment services.

Digital Payment

Creative solutions, creative results

We have assisted merchants such as yourself since 2004 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that you can benefit from directly. This will propel your eCommerce business as we are here to assist you with simplifying typical issues that hinder growth and create inefficiencies.

Technological advancements

growing e-commerce challenges and regulations bring great opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, new types of complex fraud, tighter compliance requirements and lack of infrastructure challenge leveraging online businesses.

Digital Experience

Our mission at Pay Primo is to create better ways to transfer payments digitally. Our experienced team can help you to navigate the intricate waters of the world we live in today, to ensure the utmost security and compliance at all stages, and deliver sound solutions that best fit your needs.

Other Services!


Get a competitive edge by speeding up the compliance portion.


E-commerce Acquiring

Enabling merchants to provide a wide range of bank card payment systems to customers, we offer acquiring services to facilitate the settlement of online transactions through all major card scheme brands.


Whitelabel Acquiring

Run your own brand – focus on building your own presence and managing your merchants whilst we take care of the technical heavy-lifting in the background. Whilst you concentrate on your business.


Corporote Bank Account

Corporate Accounts with 21 settlement currencies Safeguarding Client Accounts SEPA Payments (EUR) and SWIFT in all currencies C2B, B2B, B2C Solutions.Helping you gain access to C2B/B2B and B2C transfers.


Low Risk Business

Low-Risk Business Solutions for those who want more coverage for low costs Our payment solutions feature flexible tariff schemes depending on your business turnover; multi currency payment processing; modern anti-fraud security guarantees.


High Risk Business

Primo provides innovative, tailor-made payment solutions to high-risk merchants, guaranteeing the most advantageous terms and conditions to accept electronic payments.Gain from our widespread solutions to get the following


Electronic Payments

Do you have a large or small and medium-sized business? Mini market, wine cellar, convenience stores, cafeteria? Can you accept orders by phone and make delivery? For each payment, you create a personalized payment link and/or QR Code.

Pay Primo

Fully integrated payments solution.

Travel payment solutions

For all walks of life

Travel has always been a major industry, considered high risk by many credit card processing companies and is projected to continue rising steadily over the next decade or two. The global reach of business due to technology is both driving this growth as well as affecting the way electronic payments are processed. Consumer travel is growing as well and travel agents need to remain competitive with their payment acceptance as consumers and business owners are incrementally changing the way they order and pay for services and products.

  • Travel payment solutions
  • One platform. Global coverage
  • Getting your processing
  • Peace of minds
Your ultimate guide

Through Forex and Crypto

Acquiring banks and payment service providers (PSP’s) are inherently unfriendly to doing business with forex and crypto related merchants. We have established working partnership with a numerous acquiring banks and our onboarding team are equipped with acute information on each payment solution and processor in order to best align your business with the right channel.

  • Securing your payments
  • High Risk Merchant
  • Leveraging our Partner Network
  • Multi-Jurisdiction Accounts
Providing retail payment

Propel your business forward

If your online retail business is looking to start taking card payments or wanting to switch from your current payment processor, you’re typically faced with an array of options and providers pitching the same services at varying prices – who to partner up with, are they a good fit, and who to trust your business to very hard to figure out. We are here to help you with a simple, and effective way at accepting credit card payments globally for your online business with a no frills approach.

  • Support for All Major Cards
  • Fastlink
  • Cross Borders With Ease
  • Global Card Acceptance
Harness the power of simplicity

Payments for your services

Whether you are seeking to accept ad-hoc payments for your service invoices, bill clients on a subscription type model or set up an exchange or eco-system where buyer meets seller, we have the necessary tools in place to assist you with a multi-channel unified payments platform.By moving your payments from traditional modes to online transaction processing, you are able to instantly free up resource, cashflow, and have quicker insight into potential issues with invoice disputes.

  • Ease of use
  • Self-care for your clients
  • Get paid faster
  • Audience range
Don’t just play

Lead the game!

Since 2004, Primo has specialised in processing payments for high-risk merchants in sectors including online gambling and gaming. Online gambling is a special category not accepted by many banks due to the high risk of fraud, and the historical frequency of chargebacks. Our main focus is on licensed EU/UK-based merchants, but we also serve international businesses through our worldwide acquiring network of banks, which accept online gambling merchants. When we place merchants with our primary acquiring banks in western Europe, the contracting merchant must be EU-based and have an EU-issued gaming/gambling license.

  • A global coverage
  • Alternative payment
  • Payouts Engine
  • Onboarding Made Easy!
Flawless payout services

For your perusal

Our system ensures the reliability of payments and payouts – you can be assured that you will receive your revenues on time and your customers will always know that they will receive theirs on time as well. Our Primo Virtual Card is a single global solution to provide instant frictionless payouts.

  • Reliable and easy
  • Punctual payments and revenues
  • Customisable
  • Seamless payouts